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Orange the World 2021

SI Chennai organised 3 events to observe the 16 Days of Activism - Orange the World. 

Mini Documentary Contest - The contest was organised by our Partners, The Stella Maris Gender Centre, for college students. The 3 winning entries touched upon domestic violence, street violence and violence in public spaces. A special mention about the winner is warranted. She had done interviews of women who had suffered domestic violence, their families, and even a man who admitted to having committed domestic violence. Here are the winners: 

1st prize -  SAMYUKTHA.P.R, MOP Vaishnav College 

2nd prize - MELVIN INFANT, Loyola college 

3rd prize - BHARANI THILLAIRASAN, MOP Vaishnav college

Panel on Violence against women - On 4th of December, we had an interesting panel moderated by our Secretary Dr. Shyamala Gopi. The participants were Dr. Aishwarya Rao who spoke about the different forms of violence on women with disability; Smitha Sadasivan who spoke on policy initiatives and universal design, and Ummul Khair, a lawyer who spoke on access to justice. 

Panel on Cultural Burden on women - On the 8th of December, an international panel with the a multi-centric approach provided the audience and club members with different perspectives on the unfair burden of culture on women. Talat Yasmeen from SI Karachi Central and Dr. Penny Vera-Sanso provided their perspective on the relationship between gender and culture. Soroptimists from Chennai and Bengaluru provided an idea of how Soroptimists are empowering women and girls in India. Meghjit and Radhika provided a perspective on countering patriarchy from on the ground. Advocate Geeta Ramaseshan spoke about the legal aspects of the subject. 

The links to the two events are provided below: 

4th December - 

8th December -

Sustainable Fashion - what we can do

On 22nd April, SI Chennai members and Soroptimists from other cities joined a webinar, where we were addressed by sustainable clothing ambassador - Thasneem Masood. Through an interesting presentation and a warm interaction, Thasneem explained the concept of Sustainable Fashion, and how we could choose sustainable clothing. Many members felt that they had little awareness of the harm that 'Fast Fashion' or microfibers cause to the environment, and made a commitment to sustainability in their choices! Link the event is available here:

sustainable fashion.jpg

World Press Freedom Day

World Press Freedom Day 2021 was observed by SI Chennai with a conversation with Kavita Devi Bundelkhandi of Khabar Lahariya, and Annapoorani of BusinessLine. The discussion centered around the theme of the year - Information as a Public Good

Kavita spoke, in Hindi, about the importance of collecting local news and information - including information on government schemes - and the importance of spreading the information in the remotest parts of the district. She also pointed out that the real impact lay in bringing information out of the districts regarding local issues, which was not the focus of many of the larger news organisations. Annapoorani spoke about the value of remaining fact-based while providing information. The link the event is Here: 

world press freedom day.jpg
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